Car title loans: How much can I get ? Maximize Your Loan Amount

At Maximum Title Loans we know that the Kelly Blue Book offers higher values based on their aggressive approach to evaluating cars. To maximize your loan amount we will use the KBB Trade-In Value to determine the highest loan amount you can be approved for.

While most other car title loan companies offer only up to 50% of the KBB Trade-In Value, Maximum Title Loans will lend up to 100% of that amount. Beware of lenders who quote you a much higher amount on the phone and then offer something less when you come in! Tell them the value of your car and then ask how much they are willing to loan based on YOUR information, not THEIRS.

Maximum Title Loans is ready to work hard to get you a fast approval for the highest car loan amount. We look for ways to make car loans happen, not for ways to turn you down!

Car title loans: How do we get you the Lowest rate in Arizona?

Arizona regulates the industry to ensure that no one takes advantage of you. At our Arizona car title loans company we take this one step further. We make sure you get the best rate possible by not basing it on your credit.

Rates, as you know, can vary. Unlike other car title loans companies that may quote one rate and then change it when you go in, we give you a written rate guarantee when you visit one of our locations.

No games. No nonsense. No up-sale. NO bait and switch. Since we cannot do a loan over the phone, come in to one of our convenient locations to get the very lowest rate we offer. Bring along your title and proof of income so you can arm our professional team with everything they need to fund your car loan today.

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