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Miami Public Adjuster – How to Choose the Right Public Adjuster in Miami, FL

Life is full of surprises and at some point and time you may need the services of a Miami public adjuster. You may have losses from any number of things, including wind storms, a hurricane, vandalism, fire, flood or theft.

Why You Need a Public Adjuster

Why would you need a public adjuster if you have insurance to cover your losses? One reason is the insurance companies all have one thing in mind when it comes time to pay you for your losses – settle for the least amount possible. They have insurance adjusters who try to do just this. They work for the insurance company and that is who they will try to get the best deal for when it comes to paying claims.

You should have a public adjuster as well to represent your interests. They will work to make sure you get what is right for the loss you have suffered. A Miami public adjuster will organize all your paperwork and pertinent information, study your case, present it to the insurance company and prove to them why you are entitled to a certain amount.

Choosing the Right Miami Public Adjuster

When you have decided to hire a Miami public adjuster, you will need to know a few basics before jumping into a contract. One of the first things you will want to do is make sure the public adjuster you are considering has a license to do business in the state of Florida and that it is valid. As with any profession, there are people who will pass themselves off as someone they are not.

After you have satisfied this aspect, you will want to know if they have an area of expertise. Public adjusters handle many different types of claims and you should have one that is experienced in handling your particular claim. This is just like any other profession. If you need an attorney, you will choose one that specializes in your situation. The same is true for a public adjuster.

Keep in mind that a public adjuster receives a percentage of the settlement you get from the insurance company. They do not charge fees in advance. There are various rates charged by different Miami public adjustors so checking the rates of several will get you the best percentage. They should explain everything to you before you sign the contract agreeing to pay them. A contract should never have empty spaces. When the public adjuster explains the fees to you, this is what should be on the contract you sign.

Anyone you hire to provide a service for you should be someone you are comfortable with – this includes a public adjuster. Often this can be a very traumatic time due to the losses you have suffered. Choosing someone who is compassionate and understanding will make the process go a little smoother.

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