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Apply For Home Affordable Modification Program and Avoid Foreclosure Proceedings

Loan modification help will be converted into a permanent status only if the home affordable refinance program applicant meets certain eligibility criteria and then follows set rules and guidelines. The mortgage loan availed by many home owners needs to be

Do HARP and HAMP actually produce benefits?

One of the quotes seeming to run forever is, “Never give a sucker an even break.” Coming from the movie of the same name, starring and written by W.C. Fields, it’s supposed to be a comic line but, first used

Paying For College-How To Manage A Student’s First Credit Card

Most students receive their first credit card offers when they are in college. Having a credit card opens up a whole new world. It brings new meaning to paying for college. Suddenly shopping, eating and traveling get easier and seem

How a Loan Modification Works

How Loan Modifications Work? There has been a lot of attention in the last six months about loan modifications. Loan modifications are helping millions of homeowners keep their homes. With a loan modification, your lender modifies your existing mortgage to