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Sample Loan Modification Hardship Letter

The loan modification process can be quite intimidating. You have to fill out all kinds of paperwork, negotiate on terms with your lender, as well as write a letter stating hardship. Out of those three main steps, the letter is

Miami Public Adjusters (Page 1 of 2)

Miami Public Adjuster – How to Choose the Right Public Adjuster in Miami, FLLife is full of surprises and at some point and time you may need the services of a Miami public adjuster. You may have losses from any

Feldman Law Center – Ten Tips for a Successful Home Loan Modification (Page 1 of 2)

Feldman Law Center – News by Feldman Law Center – A home loan modification, for many homeowners, is the only option standing between them being able to stay in their homes and being forced to move after a foreclosure, a

Credit Counseling Or Bankruptcy: Which Is Best For You? (Page 1 of 2)

People often get to a place where they simply can’t pay their bills, especially in today’s economy which is not particularly sympathetic toward the poor or even the middle class. Inflation has impacted nearly every facet of daily life including

Second Chance Auto Loans Explained

Number of consumers has experienced trouble through late credit card payments and late mortgage payments. Those problems commonly make possible bad credit scores or even bankruptcy. Through after the consumer has caught up on the payments, the resulting hurt has